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Date Posted:9/11/13
Crime Date:8/26/13
Crime Time:10:30 pm
Crime Type:Robbery
Crime Location:Centre Mart on Wilson Street
Victim Auth:No
Crime Details:The Bellefonte Borough Police are investigating a robbery that took place on 8-26-13 at approximately 10:30 pm. An unknown actor entered the Centre Mart convenience store on Wilson Street, sprayed the clerk in the face with pepper spray, took the cash register and fled on foot. Par,ts of the cash register, along with a pellet hand gun were recovered near by the store. Police believe that the pellet hand gun was not brandished in this incident. Police believe the actor got into a vehicle parked nearby and fled the area. The actor is describe as a black male, with red-ish colored shod hair having stars either shaved into or died into his hair. He is average build standing approximately 5'6". He also has diamond stud earrings in both ears, wearing red and white sneakers, black hoodie and jeans. Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact the Bellefonte Police Department at 353-2320
Agency:Bellefonte Borough Police
236 West Lamb St.
phone: 814-353-2320
fax: 814-353-2318
email: police@bellefonte.net
Posted Online:9/11/13

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