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Date Posted:9/14/11
Case #:STP201101639
Crime Date:9/12/11
Crime Type:Theft
Crime Location:Mustang Fabrication
Victim Auth:No
Crime Details:Spring Township Police Report: On Monday, 09/12/2011 Dave Potter, the Project Manager for Mustang Fabrication, called to report a theft of Welding wires, both sets. Dave advised that one truck had a welder on the back and it was parked by the gate. The other welder was next to the building, about 35 yards away. The welders was last seen of Friday, 09/09/2011 around 1700 hours. The truck was parked by the fence which has a small opening that the employees to walk through to go to Andy's on the Go. This is located right behind the lazier car wash. There appeared to be drag marks under the fence. The fence is about 18 inches off the ground. The welding leads were about one inch in diameter with about 3/8 inch in diameter of copper wire. The length for both welders was about 250 feet in length, total length for both 500 feet and weighed about 500 pounds. One lead was cut from the welder, where you could have just turned the handled and pulled it out cost to replace about $ 3,800.00. Spring Township Police at 813-355-5134. or call Centre County Crimestoppers to report on a crime anonymously at 1-877-99-CRIME or submit an anonymous tip via e-mail to: tip@centrecountycrimestoppers.org. Crimestoppers pays a reward of up to $1,000 if your information leads to an arrest.
Reporting Officer:Detective Dale Moore
Agency:Spring Township Police Department
1309 Blanchard Street
phone: 814-355-5134
email: police@springtownship.org
Posted Online:9/14/11

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