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Date Posted:1/19/11
Case #:G07-1222743
Crime Date:12/24/10
Crime Time:7:30 pm
Crime Type:Robbery
Crime Location:Ingram's Market
Victim Auth:No
Crime Details:The incident occurred when the Victim arrived at the Ingramís Store to get gasoline in her vehicle. Once victim observed the store was closed and she could not get gasoline she proceeded to clean out her vehicle as she was still at the pumps. After the victim removed all litter from her vehicle she proceeded to drive to the side of the store to put air into a tire. As the Victim was bending down reading the directions on the air compressor, she heard a noise behind her and observed a rnale subject leaning into her vehicle dumping out her purse. The Victim became alarmed and proceeded back into her vehicle to depart the location. As the victim entered her vehicle to leave the location, the Victim was pushed by the unknown male as she attempted to leave the scene. The Victim departed the location and proceeded to her residence. The Victim related that upon arriving at the location she did not observe any person at the location. The Victirn advised that she was not injured and only noted that a $10.00 gift card was missing from her purse. Only description the Victlm could provide at the time is the Subject was tall, wearing a dark colored colored jacket and on foot at this time.
Reporting Officer:Tpr Leigh A Barrows
Agency:Pennsylvania State Police/Rockview
745 S. Eagle Valley Rd.
phone: 814-355-7545
fax: 814-355-6019
Posted Online:1/19/11

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