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Date Posted:6/13/10
Case #:G07-1198100
Crime Date:5/10/10
Crime Time:1015
Crime Type:Escape of SCI Quehanna Boot Camp inmate
Victim Auth:No
Crime Details:1. On 05/10/10 at 1015 hours Miguel Gambo CINTRON, a Pennsylvania Department of Corrections inmate assigned to the Quehanna Boot Camp, was transported to the State College bus station at 152 N. Atherton Street in State College Borough, Centre County, at which time he was purchased a ticket by D.O.C. and placed on a bus by a corrections officer with orders to report directly to the Luzerne Treatment Center at 600 E. Luzerne Street in Philadelphia, PA, for further treatment. As of this date CINTRON has not reported to the treatment center as required
Reporting Officer:Tpr. James P. ELLIS #7118
Agency:Pennsylvania State Police/Rockview
745 S. Eagle Valley Rd.
phone: 814-355-7545
fax: 814-355-6019
Posted Online:6/13/10

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