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Date Posted:12/4/08
Crime Date:12/3/08
Crime Time:Wednesday night or early Thursday
Crime Type:Vandalism
Crime Location:Sheriff’s Office
Victim Auth:No
Crime Details:Vandals hit the county Sheriff’s Office van again sometime Wednesday night or early Thursday, this time using a chemical to strip paint off the marked vehicle used to transport prisoners. It’s the second time in a little more than a month that the van has been damaged during the night. Last time, graffiti was spray painted onto the county courthouse and the van parked nearby. This time, some of the paint used to mark the van was actually stripped down to the metal. “It looks like it was gel stuff that you put on old pieces of furniture to strip paint,” Bellefonte Police Det. Matt Rickard said. “It destroyed a bunch of paint on all sides of the van, and they smashed the windshield with an unknown object.” Rickard said there are no suspects at this time. The vandalism case from October is still unsolved. No estimate of the dollar amount of the damage was available. “It looks like it’s probably going to need a whole new paint job, I’m guessing,” Nau said. “Don’t be a coward,” Nau said, addressing the vandal. “Somebody has a grudge against me, come see me. You know where to find me.” Until it’s fixed, the Sheriff’s Office can coordinate with the jail to use its van for transportation of multiple prisoners, as they have in the past, Nau said. Anyone with information is asked to call Bellefonte Police at 353-2320, or Centre County Crimestoppers at 877-99CRIME. There is already a $6,000 award for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the first act of vandalism
Reporting Officer:Det. Matt Rickard
Agency:Bellefonte Borough Police
236 West Lamb St.
phone: 814-353-2320
fax: 814-353-2318
email: police@bellefonte.net
Posted Online:12/5/08

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