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Date Posted:6/4/08
Case #:G07-1115260
Crime Date:5/19/08
Crime Time:4-27/28-08 and 5-19/20-08
Crime Type:Burglary
Crime Location:West Bishop Street , Bellefonte
Victim Name:Waffle Shop
Victim Auth:No
Crime Details:On the above dates the Waffle Shop restaurant located on West Bishop Street within the borough of Bellefonte was burglar1zed. Both Incidents had the mIddle glass panel on the main entrance door removed and the actor or actors entered and exited through thit opening. In the first burglary the actors forced open the cash register and removed cash from within. In the second burgiajy the actors forced open a cash box that was separate from the register and removed cash and attempted to force open an A.T.M. machine located within tha restaurant but wero not successful. In the second burglary the actor or actort replaced the glass panel and three of the four moldIng strips that held it in place. Anybody with any Information concerning those burglaries is urged to contact Trooper Brian 0. WAKEFIELD at PSP Rockview
Reporting Officer:Trooper Brian 0. WAKEFIELD
Agency:Pennsylvania State Police/Rockview
745 S. Eagle Valley Rd.
phone: 814-355-7545
fax: 814-355-6019
Posted Online:6/4/08

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